Welcome to SWTOR Voice

SWTOR Voice is a free open voice chat server for all players whether F2P, Preferred or Subscribed to use to group with friends, for PUG Groups or Operations etc.

We DO NOT accept monetary donations to SWTOR Voice due to the cost to keep SWTOR Voice up and running is minimal for the owners. However, if you wish to show your appreciation please use our SWTOR referral link listed on the left. This is of course and will always be optional.

SWTOR Voice uses new technology in voice chat for gamers called GameVox. GameVox gives you the same abilities as other voice chat software with the added features of easier connection to server without having to enter all the info you had to before etc.

SWTOR Voice is and will always be free to all users.

Please take a moment and review the server rules when first logging in.


We are transitioning to a new voice chat software called GameVox and will be shutting down the SWTOR Voice Mumble Server sometime on October 9, 2015. The new system is up and running and we are asking all users to please transition to the new system.

 This transition allows us to add the following features to SWTOR Voice for all users.

- Unlimited users on the server
- Avatars, yes avatars next to your name while connected
- Superior Voice Quality
- Invite URL to quickly have your friends or PUG group mates connect to the server once they download the client instead of having to enter all the info as you did before with Mumble
- Cloud system so that your connection latency can be the best possible through the cloud network.
- User name and password through our secure 3rd party source that will allow you to keep the same name etc when moving from computer to computer etc.
- The ability to control the volume of other users (Something we wanted from Mumble for sometime but were never able to get)
- Friends system that allows you to Instant Message your friends even if they are not connected to the SWTOR Voice Server (They must have the GameVox client running in their task bar for this to work)
- In game overlay for those who wish to use it that has to be set up from settings but more controllable than Mumble's was.

Instructions for Connecting and Using the new SWTOR Voice system.

1. Download and install the GameVox software by clicking here
2. Use the following link (https://www.gamevox.com/TFHS-259)  called an invite link, create an account and add SWTOR Voice to your favorites. (Note: All accounts created are done so via a 3rd party system hosted by GameVox)
3. Run the GameVox software and connect using the username and password you used in the above step.
4. Click on the SWTOR Voice banner in your GameVox client to connect and Enjoy! NOTE: You may need to re launch your GameVox client to get the server to show up.

If you have any questions or issues please contact the admins via the email address given on the server. (we do not list it here to prevent spam)

Download GameVox for use with SWTOR Voice for Windows

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